How many bales does it take to fill a hay ring?

Published 17th June 2016

When faced with a common thread of comments from farmers and ranchers when out demonstrating Hustler’s unique bale feeders, we decided to show the results in a video. The most common comment we get is…

“We never realised there was

so much hay in a bale”

So to visibly put this comment into context, we decided to use the all new SL360X bale feeder and a traditional hay ring feeder to see how many 4′ wide x 5′ round bales are required to fill the hay ring. 

The patented Snaplox coupling system on the SL360X enabled the feeder to be loader mounted – the only self-loading bale feeder on the market that works on a loader. 

Whilst hay rings have their place in some applications, there is a more effective way of using them and you’ll see why in this video, so take a look for yourself!