This Farmer is 12 years ahead of Hustler! have a look to see why

Published 31st May 2016
New Zealand

Dairy farmer Lance Gillespie of Table Flat Holdings another happy Hustler owner¬†with an enviable line up¬†of Hustler gear,¬†points out to the Hustler team,¬†“I just realised I’ve been ahead of Hustler for the past 12 years”.¬†He adds “with a bit of tongue-in-cheek”,¬†is that his “Chainless 4000¬†and Robertson (Comby Spread) have had a great relationship working together feeding bales and applying magnesium for a long time”.


“We’re¬†feeding out 18 bales in just over 2 hours”

That’s less than¬†7 minutes per bale, transported and fed.


Lance a very skilled Dairy farmer, has been working on farms in New Zealand, England and America now for more than 27 years, and has won numerous awards such as the Red Sky Dairy Business of the Year Regional Winner Manawatu/Wairarapa and the Rabobank Executive Development Program Project Winner so he is no stranger to hard work and tough times, but he certainly knows how to work smarter, take care of his equipment and make every minute and every dollar count. 

Lance purchased a Chainless 4000 when he founded Table Flat Holdings some 12 years ago and had the Comby Spread fitted when he purchased it. 

After having such a good run with his first Chainless 4000, he recently updated to the latest Chainless 4000, the Series 5 model.

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Feeding magnesium or causmag on top of the balage in the windrow with the Comby Spread attached saves him time with a single pass feed out, and by adding the supplement increases the performance of his dairy herd. 

Here’s a picture of Lance’s first Chainless 4000 a Series 2 model¬†and the¬†Comby spread¬†combination

Lance also owns a Hustler sprayer, a 1500 litre Fox and applies all his own liquid fertiliser, another wise move from a farmer with such an experience in the game which has enabled them to substantially reduce their fertiliser costs and improve the soil biology.

The Fox is setup with a special boom design with 3 broadcast jets for an even spread of liquid fertiliser across an 21 metre swath width and an integrated recirculating 800 litre front tank giving a total capacity of 2300 litres.

The 21 metre swath is equivalent

to that of a 42 metre dry spread swath

Another saver of time, compaction and money.

The set-up of the boom allows Lance to save on contractors; with the flick of 3 taps he can go from spreading liquid fertiliser to the precision and accuracy of a standard boom for all his other general spraying needs. 

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