Lake Heron Station chose a Chainless X5000. Why?

Published 23rd May 2016
New Zealand

Here’s a recent delivery of a Chainless X5000 at Lake Heron station, South Island, New Zealand 

With a fresh dusting of snow on the hills in the background, Lake Heron Station kicks off their feeding for #winter2016 with the pinnacle of bale feeders, Hustler’s flagship the Chainless X5000. 

Lake Heron Station relies on tube-wrapped balage bales, the lowest cost per Kg of DM way of producing silage bales, for their livestock. What better way could there be than to kick off the winter feeding program with a brand spanking new Chainless X5000 – That:

  • Maximises every Kg of DM – Unique 3 -1 Ratio teases bales apart making the feed more palatable for stock, reducing waste.
  • Bullet-proof – No high maintenance chains, or wearing parts to disrupt your feeding program
  • Easy-to-use – You’ve got total control over the bale, feed row, and loading. So you’re in control of your feeding program – not your feeder in control of you.
  • Fast – No more waiting for tight bales to unwind. Job done.

And it’s more versatile than any other bale feeder on the market – Whatever bale you have the Chainless X5000 feeds it out. So… book a demo today on your farm, with your bales.