Français dit qu’il est tout bon.

Published 3rd May 2016

Hustler Equipment, based in Hastings, New Zealand, has been designing and manufacturing farming equipment since 1961. Fifty five years later, the company continues to lead the way in Balefeeding technology. 

Hustler is currently the number one brand in its home turf with close to 45% market share; and the brand is becoming more and more recognized throughout the globe as it continually expands in the international scene. 

Having been exporting to more than twelve countries worldwide for many years, the brand is growing daily and more farmers are enjoying the benefits. It has already an established presence in Australasia, Europe, and North and South America. Moreover, the US is currently one of the fastest developing territories, with universities across America endorsing the product for its many advantages for cattle farmers when compared to traditional methods.

And it is with great pleasure that we share with you the great feedback we heard from our customers in France! 


4 Year Old Chainless 2000 Performs Flawlessly in France

One French owner is very happy with his Hustler Chainless 2000 Balefeeder after feeding 4,000 bales and 4 years of flawless feeding out. “Tthe bale feeder hasn’t come off the tractor since the day we purchased it some 4 years ago and it hasn’t missed a beat!” he says. He is very pleased with the feeder and it has saved them countless hours of back breaking work with a pitch fork.



Feeding Straw on Top of Balage with a Chainless 2000

A beef farmer situated in Southern France is proving the success of his Chainless 2000 Balefeeder, following 3 years of trouble-free operation. He finds the Chainless Balefeeder very versatile and claims that the machine performs extremely well when feeding out the long sticky vetch balage. It is also the case when feeding straw bales on top of the vetch, which helps his cattle digest better.



We thank our French customers for the continued patronage.

Je vous remercie.