Frozen bales? No problem

Published 26th April 2016
United States

One of farmers challenges when winter comes are the frozen bales. Over the years, farmers have tried various techniques to solve the dilemma of feeding cattle on a frigid day. And the last thing you want to do is get out of your warm cab to remove the strings.

In the past for Ranchers in Montana the only choice for feeding frozen bales was to use a bale processor, but with the many drawbacks for the cattle, feed quality, the operator, and the cost to maintain and run, ranchers have been searching for a better solution.

Are you sick of using a diesel and maintenance hungry bale processor to feed these frozen bales? Now you have a choice…

At Hustler, we have the perfect solution. Quite simply the Chainless X5000 is the only bale feeder on the market that will feed frozen bales, and thanks to the quick release Hypaflow wiper it allows the operator to feed without needing to remove the netwrap!

Take a look at this video to see for yourself.


What the customers say about Hustler Equipment:

Easy net wrap removal

“We were surprised! It pulls that net wrap off ok and is easier than the processor to remove the net from the drum”. 

Frozen bales? No problem.

“I can’t believe how well it feeds out the frozen bales. They were baled wet and it was all stuck together and frozen and it feeds it out real good”.    

Our bale feeders are well-able to feed out frozen bales, they do it very efficiently and by distributing the hay evenly, feeding cattle is a breeze. Bales are teases apart instead of grinding, therefore the hay remain intact without destroying the nutritional goodness making it easier for your stock to receive all the nutrition you’ve put into a bale. Awesome isn’t it?

Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration on your ranch, with your bales.