Powering Hustler’s Flagship is easy with small tractors

Published 7th April 2016
New Zealand

Take a look at this short video of Craig Alexanders new Chainless X5000 which he’s operating with a small Kubota M9540, 95hp tractor. 

There’s 4 things you’ll notice in this raw footage: 

  1. Just how gentle the feeder is on the bale – the bale is simply teased apart with the rotors, the top rotor turns 3 times faster than the lower rotor, which seperates the bale gently without destroying the integrity of the feed, but making it more palatable for cattle to eat.
  2. How much control the operator has over the bale and windrow – placing just as much or little on the ground as he desires for his herd.
  3. How this 95 horse power Kubota can operate the feeder at an idle – very little power is consumed, reducing diesel consumption.
  4. Operation is silent, and the cattle aren’t spooked by the feeder as a result! And as a wise old engineer on the team always says “Noise = Moving parts, Moving parts = Maintenance”. The quiet operation is just a cue as to how little maintenance Craig will need to conduct over the life of his new Chainless X5000 bale feeder.






Here’s a great example: The original feed rotors of a 12 year old Chainless 4000 bale feeder, after feeding out in excess of 36,000 bales.

We dare you to compare this to any other type of bale feeder, after the same amount of work. 


 And because the Chainless bale processors require very little power to operate on even the heaviest of bales you’ll find that your tractor stays cleaner and dust is not collecting on every grease point on the machine. 

Notice how dusty and blocked the air-intake is, on this tractor that has been powering a tradtitional bale processor, which grinds the hay to dust. The problem is overcome with the Hustler


In fact the power requirement of Hustler’s bale processor is so minimal, that the Chainless X5000 can be powered by the hydraulic outlets of a pick-up!