Applying Lime-Flour, Fertiliser Mixes Doesn’t Need To Cost The Earth

Published 7th April 2016
Pasture and Soil

Have you been scared off from taking advantages of the substantial cost savings achieved by applying liquid fertiliser, because of the large capital investment in equipment?

One Northland based dairy farmer, Matt Long found out 12 months ago that he could have the best of both worlds… watch this video below to see what he has to say

Matt owns a Katipo 680 and is applying a mixture of:

  • Urea
  • Lime Flour
  • Magniesuim sulphate 
  • Fish fertiliser

Matt speaks very highly of the way it handles this mixture, which has helped him substantially reduce his fertiliser costs, without the need for an expensive investment in capital equipment. 

“it’s handling it very nicely, we found it’s covering the land quite good”  


There’s also a number of other great features of the Katipo that Matt really likes, such as:

  • The unique MixMaxTM agitation system which allows him to mix such a brew
  • Filling is very easy, due the low waist-height filling, which is especially important when handling 40kg bags of fertiliser
  • The low centre of gravity is great for stability and safety on the hills
  • And the hand wash tank he finds useful, for a quick clean up after filling.


The Katipo 680 factory built to the same spec as Matt Long’s, retails for $5,505 + gst and includes the follow options:

  • Katipo 680 litre spray unit – loaded with all its unique features, not found on any other sprayer
  • 100 litre QuickFlushTM flushing tank
  • Unique MixMaxTM fully adjustable agitation system
  • Customised FieldJet applicator and mount
  • CoupleUpTM patented tank filling system

The Katipo has loads of great time saving features, too many to list on one page, and can be spec’d almost infinitely depending on the customers needs and application. 


Matt worked closely with Gerald Raikes, Hustler’s passionate Sprayer Field Consultant to achieve Matt’s goals. So if you like the sound of what Matt has achieved feel free to reach out to Gerald if you have any questions or if you have some specific goals you’d like to achieve in your operation… he loves Rethinking the everyday!

Contact Gerald Raikes on 07 847 6923 or


Here’s the video testimonial from Matt Long