The first step towards change is AWARENESS. 

While rethinking the everyday, Hustler made sure to develop unique and exceptional features for all its machines. We are sure you have heard of all these genius patented product specs. Some of you may have also experienced them first hand.  

However, with the wide range of these amazing features packed in a Hustler machine, most consumers forget about one BASIC FEATURE that can actually make their lives so much easier…


How do Hustler’s Linkage Mounted Bale Feeders Self-Load?

All Hustler’s 3 point linkage mounted bale feeders have an integrated loading system, that allows the operator to disconect the feeding cradle from the comfort of the tractor seat, load a bale, the re connect.

Loading is quick and easy and done in 3 steps:

  1. Lower the feeder to the ground, disengaging the headstock from the feeding cradle
  2. You can then drive away and spear a bale with the headstock and load onto the cradle (or use your front end loader if you prefer)
  3. Drive the headstock back into the feeding cradle which is made easy because of the unequal length tynes, and you’re ready to feed out. 

It really is that simple with a Hustler. 


Watch this short video to see the common ways farmers use this great feature.


 Additional benefits the system provides:

1. You no longer need to disconnect the machine when using the tractor for another task, simply drop the feeding cradle and away you go. 

2. Use the headstock as a second set of bale spears for shifting bales, or even plates – ideal with when mounted to a loader

Hustler bale feeders make feeding out bales of any shape, size and type quick, efficient and easy! Depending on your current bale feeding system you’ll also save up to 50% of your bales! 


It’s amazing how simple things can change your life so easily. 

If you don’t have a Hustler yet, well, now is your chance.


Now you know. Make it count. Get a HUSTLER now.