How Your Cattle Can Consume All the Goodness In Alfalfa Bales.

Published 11th March 2016

These photos show an Alfalfa bale after being fed out with a Hustler bale feeder, feeding in high winds.

Notice that the leaf remains intact, on the stalks, even after being fed out! The leaf in Alfalfa bales is where highest nutritional value is stored, therefore it is essential that it is not destroyed whilst feeding out and your cattle have the oppotunity to consume it. 

This is a great example of how gentle the Hustler feeding system is on your high quality bales. Unlike a bale processor, it’s not chopped, shreaded or turned into dust and blown away in the wind. You take extra care to make great quality Alfalfa bales, now ensure every blade of Alfalfa you put in a bale is going to make it inside the cows belly! 


Watch this video to learn more about why Lorne Zentner, located in Saskatchewan replaced his bale processor with a Hustler balefeeder