15 Reasons Why Dealerships Are Securing The Hustler Agency

Published 16th March 2016
United States

With the recognition Hustler’s unique feeding system is gathering, Dealers are quickly snapping up the Hustler agency and region exclusivity like hot cakes, with now over 50 Hustler Accredited Dealers located in 18 states and many more in the pipeline we’re suggesting you make contact with one of Hustler’s passionate Business Development Managers to discuss your area. 

Hustler’s unique feeding system is gaining the popularity from both Ranchers and Universities due to the fact that it allows ranchers to produce more pounds of beef per bale than any other bale feeding system on the market.

And for a number of other reasons:

  1. Ability to feed each bale, equally to 100 cattle without waste
  2. Elimination of damage to the integrity and nutritional value in the feed due to chopping, grinding or over processing
  3. Huge reductions in waste caused by over feeding and trampling of feed into the mud
  4. Elimination of pasture damage and compaction from concentrated feeding
  5. Ability for cattle to consume the grains within the bale
  6. Spreading of manure, and the seeds in the bale throughout the pasture
  7. Substantial diesel consumption and time savings due to low power requirement
  8. Elimination of wearing parts saving maintenance costs and downtime
  9. Ability to feed high moisture balage bales, eliminating the need for additional supplements
  10. Quick, simple and reliable operation from the comfort of the tractor cab
  11. Ability to use on smaller tractors
  12. Easy to use, integrated bale loading systems
  13. A passionate team of field consultants who help both your dealership and your customers become successful by ensuring the savings claimed are achieved in pratice.
  14. Only the highest quality, well finished product, with a full 2 year warranty for peace of mind, and a real satisfaction guarantee which is not just lip service.
  15. The experience of a 50 year old company that has been Rethinking the Everyday for ranchers to help them produce more with less since its conception in 1961

And much more…

Interested in becoming a dealer?

Don’t take it from us… watch this short video from Eric Schnelle the owner and president of S & H Farm Supply in Missouri, to see what he has to say about being a Hustler Accredited Dealer.