Breaking new territory, Welcome on-board poland.

Published 1st March 2016

Cattle feeding equipment specialists founded in 1974 M-ROL located in Western Poland have recognized the demand for Hustler’s unique feeding system that saves heavy labor, and distributes bales evenly and efficiently. 


M-ROL are broadening their experience based on the demand from their customers, having secured their clients’ trust as the leaders in precision livestock feeding equipment company in Poland throughout their 42 years of experience. 

M-ROL Sp. z o. o. sp. k. was established in 1974 as a private company. It specializes in producing equipment for farmers and breeders. It was set up by Bronisław Zawidzki – the father of current owners (Chairman Paweł Zawidzki and V-ce Chairman Michał Zawidzki) Since the ‘90s machines and devices M-ROL have become easily recognizable not only on the Polish market but also by our Czech, Hungarian, German, Russian and Ukrainian neighbours – markets where we have maintained a leading position.

“We have been serving our clients for more than 40 years and we will go to any lengths to make our clients continually satisfied with this cooperation”


Having already delivered and installed the first few Hustler feeders to some very happy farmers, we’re looking forward to supporting M-ROL in growing their business by simplifying the task of feeding out and ultimatley increasing the satisfaction of their customers. 

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Or call sales manager Tomasz Dzięcielewski on +48 608-612-286