What is the difference between Hustler and Tubeline feeders?

Published 19th January 2016

There’s a lot more differences than what meets the eye!

Hustler Equipment, founded in 1961 quickly recognized the many benefits this unique feeding system had to offer and purchased the patents off Taranaki, New Zealand based inventor/dairy farmer in 1996. Hustler spent a further 2 years developing the concept and in 1998 launched the revolutionary Chainless bale feeding system in New Zealand, in a 3 point hitch model, following in 2000 with a trailing model with another game changing innovation, the patented Total Control Loading system. 

Following¬†a successful 7 year climb to become the most popular bale feeder with 50% market share in the world’s leading pasture-based farming country (New Zealand), Tubeline recognized¬†the benefits the design had to offer the Canadian ranchers and in 2008 Hustler signed an agreement with Tubeline Manufacturing (known as¬†Agway Manufacturing at the time) for a 5 foot model to be produced under license¬†to Hustler Equipment in Agway livery¬†for the Canadian market. Today that same Series 2 Chainless design¬†is still being produced by Tubeline Manufacturing.¬†

In 2011 Hustler introduced both the Series 4 and Series 5 models into North America after proving the strong demand in New Zealand, Australia and Europe for the Chainless to feed a wider diversity of bale types due to the changes in environment and climate putting pressure on the window of opportunity to produce bales.

Throughout 2012-2013 Hustler saw the demands of the American Rancher and the challenges they faced with the earlier models and set about developing in whole new level of Chainless balefeeders based on direct feedback from American Ranchers and with a number of prototypes working on Ranches across America. 

A whole new model was born as a result and the X Series Chainless bale feeders were released in 2014 with virtually every part on the new model changed from the Series 5 Chainless models. 

Here is a photo of the X Series Chainless feeder beside a 2008 Series 2 model. Although Hustler produced 3 more series upgrades of the old design still used by Tubeline, Hustler ceased production for that¬†design in 2016 due to¬†the¬†success of the X series. There’s simply no comparison between new and old when it comes to ease-of-use, versatility (ability to¬†feed out any¬†bale including frozen bales) and it solves¬†every challenge ranchers previously faced with the old¬†design. Ranchers are really rapt with the new model.¬†

X5000 4000 comparison


Drawbar size ¬†6″ deep 4″ deep¬†
Deep feed bed Рincreased feeding performance Yes No 
Swivel Towing Eye Yes No
Gas return on loading system Рless impact for longer life  Yes  No
Chassis Construction 4″ x 3″ RHS 4″ x 2″ RHS
Rotor Design Auto Cleaning Flat Paddles
Wiper Panel  Quick Clean  Old Fixed Design
Feed Height¬† – Over Wire/fence 3.5′ 3′
Bale Capacity 6600 lbs 4000 lbs
Machine Weight 2310 lbs 2000 lbs
Bale Bed – Non corrosive, slippery Yes – HD polyethylene No – Sheet Steel
Bale Chamber, smooth free from ledges for improved feed pattern Yes No
Wheels/Axles Grunty  Cheap type
Mudguard Option Yes No
Sandblasted for better paint life Yes No
String box Yes No
Optional Camera Yes No
2 yr Warranty Yes No
Hyd motor at rear (out of the way of the rear tyres when turning) Yes No
Modern Styling Appearance Yes No
Great Finish Yes No

Hustler enjoys spending time with Ranchers¬†helping to¬†promote the awareness of¬†the substantial benefits Hustler’s unique feeding system has to¬†offer the Rancher in North America.¬†


“After having owned 2 Tubeline machines in the past, this time we updated we¬†purchased the Hustler model, and we’ve been¬†really impressed with the build quality, the ease of use, and the way it handles the bales much better.”¬†Roger Houser, Virginia¬†

‚ÄúOur in-calf rate is 8-10% better than it was previously, and this season is the first year with a zero postpartum mortality rate with all of our fresh cows. It‚Äôs been a fantastic investment and in two years it‚Äôs basically paid for itself twice, I‚Äôm really, really happy. I really like my Hustler feeder a lot” Scott Merieka, Wisconsin¬†

‚ÄúI have to say the new Chainless X5000 bale cart is fantastic and a great improvement on the 4000, we have noticed a big difference in the amount of hay we are feeding out and reduced wastage‚ÄĚ – Ella Anderson, University of Tasmania, Australia

“it just makes life at least 10-15 minutes quicker every day, and there’s definitely not as much wastage” Callumn Broomhall, Meander

“It‚Äôs a lot smoother with how it rotates the bale. ¬†I‚Äôve tested it on hills, going up hills and down hills, where as my old machine used to, more so coming uphill it wanted to throw the bale out of the back of the machine, out of the cradle but the X5000 keeps it in there quite nice now.¬† No real amount off silage hanging of the side and getting jammed. Quite impressed.” Dairy Farmer, Victoria

“as it‚Äôs feeding over the top you can see that the main part of the bale just wants to stay down, you can tell it‚Äôs not going to block.¬† Feeds out beautifully, very happy with it” Dairy Farmer, Fish Creek

‚ÄúWe were very happy with the first one, it made the job a lot easier so we thought we’d buy another one!” Ian Dickson, Victoria¬†


Download the In-depth Chainless feeder

What’s the difference between¬†Hustler’s all new X series Chainless feeders and¬†Agway Chainless or Tubeline Chainless bale feeders?¬†Download your copy, created by the pioneers of Chainless bale processors to find out.¬†

chainless comparison