7 Years of Top Performance Proves a No-Brainer to Update

Published 4th May 2015

Dairy & dry stock farmer Tom Hasthorpe based in Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia is so rapt with the performance of his Chainless 4000 bale feeder over the past 7 years, that when it came time to renew, Tom found the all new Chainless X5000 to be the perfect solution.

Tom comments about his old feeder, which fetched an excellent trade value, “I’ve fed out between 25,000 – 30,000 bales with my Chainless 4000 since I purchased it new in 2008, I like the Hustler Chainless Bale Feeders, and I wouldn’t buy anything else”.

“I’ve just purchased the new Hustler Chainless X5000 and have found it to feed out very well, even when you put the bale on back-to-front,” another reason for which Tom prefers the Chainless balefeeders from Hustler.

Tom Hashthorpe's 7 year old Chainless 4000 Tom Hashthorpe shiny new Chainless X5000

Tom Hasthorpe, Dairy & Drystock Farmer, Trafalgar, VIC, Australia – Chainless X5000