Methven Farmer’s CH4000

Published 14th October 2014
New Zealand

Methven farmer Mark Robinson converted from cropping to Dairying 6 years ago. Situated just south of Methven, Mark is running a 210ha dairy platform plus 120ha run-off. Milking 750 cows means there is a lot of work to be done. Feeding out is one of the chores which Mark uses a Hustler CH4000 Balefeeder.

“We winter our own stock and would average around 1500 bales per year,” says Mark. “Seventy five percent of the bales would be square baleage plus some straw. It also feed rounds as well.”

Mark comments that the machine is easy to use, very few moving parts which was a strong influencing factor when making the purchase back in June 2012. “We just love it” says Mark. “Having a machine that will feed out rounds & squares is great, nothing else does it”.

Mark purchased his Hustler Balefeeder from Farmchief machinery in Christchurch. Wanting to turn your feeding out chores into a better job, then take a look at and take your pick. Call for a demo today! 0800 487 853