Another happy Chainless 4000 owner

Published 30th May 2013
New Zealand

David Hailes farms a 140ha dairy farm at Kaikoura along with his father Bernard. The Hailes’s have 380 cows on the seaside property. In 2007 Bernard purchased the popular Chainless 4000 along with his neighbour. They put through around 500 bales per year – a mixture of hay and baleage made from a Welger Baler. Most of the supplement is made on the farm and if they have to buy any in – they try & make sure it has been through a baler with half the knives in.

The chain type feeder they had before the Hustler Chainless had frequent visits to the workshop –“Barely a week would go by when it didn’t need a repair, wouldn’t have a chain one again,” says David. “These CH4000’s are idiot-proof – just grease and forget plus they are a lot quieter than the chain type feeders”. Bernard commented on a couple of points which he thought could do with a little improvement. Hustler was happy to point out that the latest series 5 model does have these improvements.

“I like the Mudguard options too,” says Bernard. The Hailes mainly have the Balefeeder behind a JD6210 or a McCormick C80 which can run it perfectly. Close to 3000 bales have gone through this machine and “it certainly isn’t showing signs of breaking down anytime soon” they say.

2008 Hustler Chainless 4000 trailing bale feeder NC Equipment 1

Bernard and David Hailes, Kaikoura