SL700X – Farmer very impressed

Published 30th June 2011
New Zealand

One of Lincoln Wrigley’s first comments was “I was no longer going to have another flat floor feeder”. He wanted a “good simple machine” and it didn’t take him long to make up his mind, the single post drawbar is excellent allowing tight turning, the shape of the bed works well and having the adjustable axle allows for great stability. Lincoln realized the SL700X is predominately a round bale feeder but he’s “put around 200 squares through it & are more than happy with the way it handles them,” he says.

Lincoln was able to use the Total Control loading system to flip the bale from sitting on its flat to placing it on its side ready for loading without leaving the cab, fantastic! “I had my friend visit me and he was very impressed with Hustler’s Series || Total Control Loading system”. Stabbing the bales gives you more control and also means your second bale is held securely and won’t fall off when travelling around your property.

Lincoln’s 80HP 4WD Fiat handles the Balefeeder with ease. “I haven’t had the feeder all that long but I can tell with the 400 bales I have put through it I don’t believe there’ll be any issues”.

double bale feeder SL700X_HERO

Lincoln Wrigley, dairy farmer, Inangahua West Coast