Armacote finish

Host Oli Brunton shows us how Hustler Equipment gives all their machines a super-protective finish with their patented Armacote® powder coat on this week’s 60 Seconds of MiNT.


Hi everyone. Oli Brunton here. Today we’re gonna be talking about that nice, mint green finish that’s on every Hustler machine. This high-quality  coating is the most durable in the industry that’s why we call it Armacote®. Super scratch resistant, anti-rust and it’s solvent free, meaning it’s better for the environment. And this is the crazy part: It’s powder! And this is how it’s done: All of Hustler’s machines are wheeled into the sandblasting booth, where they are sand-blasted down to a white metal. And then, it’s air-blasted to get rid of all debris, and the key profile is tested. Next step: powder-coating. Then it’s baked in a state of art, temperature-controlled oven. The whole process is so efficient, a part ordered in the morning can be shipped out that same day. And the best part about Armacote® is resale value. A quick water blast, and your machine looks brand new – even years down the track. Years of in-field testing on our hardest-wearing components, helped Hustler create the most durable finish