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Hustler Equipment Launches New Even Feed Roller Attachment for Feeding High-Density Square Bales

True to their motto “Rethinking the Everyday” and in their pursuit of maintaining their edge of being the most versatile feeders on the market, Hustler has introduced its latest innovation in feeding livestock. The brand new Even Feed Roller attachment option allows any Chainless bale processor to feed out even more bales with even more […]

One of the Secrets Behind the World’s Best Bale Feeder

We’d like to share just one of the secrets behind why farmers simply can’t get enough of the latest X Series Chainless round and square bale processors that literally handle any type of bales.

Have you seen the world’s best trailer quick hitch

Hustler’s New Swift Hitch provides the operator with better visibility, more maneuverability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch on the market which makes it easier to use, and saves your precious time.  And it doesn’t stop there… 

Timber vs Steel. Which Silage Wagon Floor Should You Choose?

A common question that gets asked when looking to purchase a new Silage Wagon is which floor is best suited to your feeding needs…

[VIDEO] Watch Hustler’s NEW 12 Tonne Tip Trailers in Action

If you’re carting shingle or transporting bales to the stack, you’ll want to choose a reliable trailer that stands the test of time and can be loaded up. We’ve been rethinking the meaning of tough… 

New Dual Applicator Concept for Large Capacity Boom Sprayers

When time is limited, getting the job done quicker provides invaluable benefit for farmers and contractors in today’s busy farming environment. That’s why we’ve built this custom dual application system…

Which Live Floor Should You Choose for Your Silage Wagon?

When choosing a silage wagon or combi feeder, one of the decisions you’ll make is which type of rear floor is best suited to your farming application and feeds. One of the first questions that come up is… 

Comby Spread, Mineral Spreader Now Available to Fit Any Feeder

Hustler has just released the patented technology of the Comby Spread, as an aftermarket kit to fit onto any type of feeder, be it a bale unroller, bale processor, silage wagon, combi feeder or multi-feeder…

New Side Bar Kit for Chain Type Bale Unrollers

Demand from steep country beef farmers and farmers with badly mis-shapen round bales has put our development team to task and a new Side Bar kit has been released… 

How to Protect Your Sprayer for Winter Storage

The polar blasts of Winter have already made their presence known, the final sprays of the season are being applied and soon it will be time to settle in for a cold winter. Here are some tips to protect your sprayer from frost damage…

Comby Feedout Wagons Provide More Control & Simple Operation

Designed for even the least experienced operators, Hustler’s Comby Feeders provide simple operation and even more control over feeding. Watch this video to see how to run a Comby.

Watch the SL360X in Switzerland Feeding Grain and Baled Silage

This farmer in Switzerland recently purchased one of Hustler’s new SL360X bale feeders and added an extra fence to his order so he could feed grain and silage bales. Watch the video to see…

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