Who are the best bale processor manufacturers? (Reviews/Ratings)

Published 24th March 2022

Every year, our consultants in North America are contacted by over 5,000 farmers and ranchers who are looking to improve their operations and are in search of better and more efficient ways to handle their top 2 Profit & Loss items – Feed & Labor. These 2 items are very key and very influential on the profitability of any organization every single year. Because finding the best way to feed for each client is what we do best, we often get asked what the best bale processors in the US are or in Canada.



A key focus for us is informing and educating our customers to the best of our knowledge and we are never the ones to shy away from being blatantly honest with respect to competition and other options available on the market.

Here is a list of some of the bale processor companies that have a solid bale processor manufacturing history:

  1. Vermeer Corporation

 From the industry’s first wagon hoist to the pioneering round baler, Vermeer inventions have helped farmers get their work done quickly and efficiently.
Vermeer farm equipment is built to our traditional high standards, so it delivers the reliable service you expect from one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. And each machine is backed by comprehensive service and support from your factory-trained Vermeer dealer. Vermeer bale processors, such as the Vermeer BPX9010 bale processor and the Vermeer FPX9000 bale processor, quickly grind up hay bales.

  1. DuraTech Industries (Haybuster)

The Haybuster 2660 bale processor is one of the most popular of the Haybuster bale processor line-up. They also manufacture Haybuster vertical mixers or TMRs such as the Haybustler CMF-710. Their industrial product line (DuraTech) includes a full range of heavy-duty industrial tub and horizontal grinders ranging from a 9 ft.- 325hp tub grinder up to a 12 ft- 860hp tub grinder with grapple loader.

  1. Highline Manufacturing

Bought by Bourgault Industries in 2006, Highline continues to manufacture the Highline Bale processors such as the Highline BP660 Bale Pro, the Highline BP661 Bale Pro, and the Highline BP 663 Top Gun Bale Pro. These are all Highline bale processors that grind hay bales.

  1. Bridgeview Manufacturing (Bale King)

Bridgeview has over 25 years of experience in bale processing technology and offers a full line of heavy-duty, feature-rich bale processors that make feeding and bedding livestock effortless. Bale King bale processors include the Bale King 5300 and the Bale King 7400 bale processor.


So there you go! There are 4 bale professor companies to consider if you’re looking at making some changes. Sandhills Publishing company TractorHouse lists their top Bale processor / Tub Grinder Manufacturers: Hustler Equipment, Bale King, Haybuster, Highline, Vermeer.


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