Combi tilting elevator

Published 19th January 2021
Combi CM/CX/RX

In this week’s episode of 60 Seconds of MiNT, host Oli Brunton explains how the tilting elevators work on our Hustler Combi feedout wagons. This key component of our multi-feeders allows the operator to easily feed into troughs, bunks and pasture, plus gives full control over the thickness of the feed-line.


Hey guys, welcome back. So Hustler’s tilting elevator lets you feed out bales or lose silage, whilst controlling how much the feed is teased apart, how dense your windrows are and how far out you’re feeding. This massively upgraded model only has elevator fans on one side removing 14 wearing parts which is going to reduce breakdowns and maintenance. Switching to a single panel on the front side of the elevator is going to reduce feed loss and blockages and it’s also got game-changing visibility. On the rear side of the elevator here there’s this really clever linkage system so when you bring the elevator up it remains on the outside of the machine so you can bring the rear floor forward even when the elevator is all the way up. This new two-piece elevator design now comes under the cross floor and catches any loose feet and gets fed up and out. The new combi can effectively operate on feedlots into bunks without spillage into the passageway and eliminates spillage during transport. All this, while maintaining the largest ground clearance in the game. Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you in the next one.