The Hustler Advantage – Bale Unroller Chain Comparison

Published 22nd May 2020

Here at Hustler Equipment we pride ourselves on the fact, that we’re handcrafting world-leading livestock equipment locally, using high-quality products. 

Ultimately for the end user this will mean less cost, less waste, improved efficiency, and increased profitability bottom line. 

Let Nigel run you through the advantages and differences of the roller chain we are using for our chain bale feeders, compared to other bale feeders: 




Other Bale Feeders

Hustler Unrolla Range  

2x 7500lb rated roller chains

2x 12.000lb rated roller chains

37.5% higher rated strength

25mm roller

Chain travels 78mm per roller revolution

40mm roller

Chain travels 125mm per roller revolution

37.6% Fewer revolutions combined with large pin diameter results in less chain pin wear and less chain stretch than competing machines

13mm pin 

19mm pin

46% larger pin surface area increased service life


Zinc plated for corrosion resistance


A large roller chain means the machine is working less, and it’s freer rolling, requiring less power to drive.  Which in return means less wear and maintenance. The larger surface on each roller pin prevents the chain from snaking and stretching, resulting in longevity of the unit. 


The Hustler Mounted Bale Unrollers are suitable for feeding out all types of round bales. And the unique cradle design with optional front and rear fences provides versatility with the ability to feed out loose silage, maize, and fodder beet thanks to the fully enclosed, non-corrosive, and shock-resistant Polyethylene Floor.


The flexibility of the design allows the operation of the bale feeder in barns, on steep country with a telehandler or compact loader. 3-point hitch or front loader mounted – the choice is yours. 

More Bang For Your Buck

Calculate your savings here

With a Hustler bale feeder or unrolla, the initial cost of the investment should pay itself off in a matter of months through more efficiency and less overall cost. The windrows are layed out tidy, while the unrolling action preserves the palatable leaf. No spoilage through trampling and soiling of feed. Better livestock weight gains through the elimination of rivalry amongst the herd.  

Total feed control with the push or pull of a lever for feeding to either side of the machine will let you feed out to just the right amount. No more wasting whole bales. Part bales can just be stored on the feeder and fed out the next time. 

Minimal maintenance means less downtime and less cost spent on repairs. 

And let’s not forget about time savings. The hassle-free, easy operation will let you get back to other tasks quicker. 




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