Feeding 50 Ton of Fine Chopped Silage per Day with a Hustler Combi Wagon

Published 4th February 2020

Running a total of 32,000 sheep, Oxton Park in New South Wales, a sheep and grain property is supplementary feeding 50 ton of fine chopped silage each day with a round trip of 7kms per load. We caught up with Pat O’Connor to see why he switched to the Hustler Combi feeder…


Although virtually all their feed is fine chopped silage, and having ran a couple of other brands of feed out wagon over the past 15 years, this time due to the changing weather patterns and availability of feeds supplies coming under pressure, Pat wanted a wagon with the flexibility of being able to feed anything. 


“Very impressed with the machine. It’s very well made. We found it an excellent machine.”


When feeding on this scale, durability and reliability is a must, so having seen Hustler’s Combi feeders and the reputation they have for durability, Pat decided to demonstrate the Mega Comby XL on his farm with his silage to see how it performed compared to the other wagons he had in the past. Pat found it to be an excellent machine allowing them to get the most out of their feeding routine and giving them the confidence to be able to feed out a variety of feeds efficiently.


“I’ve had a couple of feed out wagons in the past 15 years and we have decided to go with the Hustler Mega Comby XL.”



One machine – all types of feed. The Hustler Mega Comby is the most versatile feedout wagon on the market and can handle any type of stock feed: bales, crops, grain, food waste – you name it. This has proven to be a valuable advantage for Oxton Park, who in addition to their fine chopped silage do some hybrid feeding with a variety of feeding material. 


It’s that and the high quality and low maintenance features of the machine and the fact that the floors do a fraction of the work per load compared to a conventional wagon, that make an investment in a Hustler Comby wagon an investment into the future of your farming operation.  

See what Pat O’Connor has to say: 


Find out more about our range of Comby feedout wagons here:


Key Features of the Mega Comby XL:

1. Feeds long & short chopped silage, round and square bales of any type and size

2. Load dividing system reduce stress on drive system

3. Industry leading visibility and maneuverability for more control and ease of use

4. Low loading height makes for easier to loading

5. Tilting elevator allow the operator to feed into troughs or bunks