How farmers are saving on feed costs, and boosting profits

Published 25th February 2019

With livestock feed being the single largest expense when running cattle, the need to focus on reducing waste, especially when margins come under pressure, is of utmost importance. How do farmers save on feed costs, and boost profits? Find out how…

Our Hustler Business Development team in the USA recently got involved with a study being held at Oklahoma State University where they tested our bale feeders innovation in the market space. With a conclusion that they substantially reduce waste by well over 20% and improve feed efficiency and conversion when compared to traditional bale processors, unrollers, and hay rings.


This is what they had to say:

Recent tests have shown that when Brome grass bales are distributed into a fixed volume feeder by Hustler’s Chainless bale feeder the feed weighed in at 32% less than a conventional unroller feeding the same Brome grass bales resulting in a huge advancement in feed efficiency, palatability and saving of hay.


The Hustler feeding system doesn’t chop or destroy the nutrition in the forage which retains the highly nutritional leaves and full stem lengths which reduces over-consumption and the passage rate of the feed in the digestive system. Further tests by university extensions have shown that cattle feed short-stem hay consumed 2.5% of their body weight in dry matter when compared to long-stem hay their intake reduced by 28% to just 1.8% of their body weight and still maintained their good body condition! This is due to better nutrient uptake from long-stem hay and 100% of these savings return to your bottom-line.


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