This 3rd Generation Farmer Knew he had to do Something Different

Published 2nd November 2018
United States

Joe Ferrell is a 3rd generation Farmer from Erwin, North Carolina running poultry, hogs and cattle. He chose to change from a traditional bale unroller to Hustler’s X5000 Chainless Bale Processor¬†over a year ago and has never looked back. Find out why…

Joe had been using a traditional 3 point hitch unroller on his farm for about as long as he could remember. Although it had been doing a good job of the dry hay, he did find that it left a big wide, flat mat of hay on the ground and the cattle would end up trampling through it, destroying the good hay and wasting a lot of it. He knew there had to be a better way. 


“I knew I had to do something different”


joe 3

Early adopter of balage

Joe, being one of the early adopters of feeding his cattle balage (wet hay, high moisture hay), needed a solution that could reliably handle both dry hay and the high moisture balage. He decided to call up his equipment dealer, John from Back Creek Ag¬†an Accredited Hustler Dealer, whom he’d been¬†dealing with for over 30 years looking for advice on what he would¬†need.¬†After Joe watched some videos on the Chainless X5000, he decided to get John to come and do a demo on his farm, and he’s never looked back.¬†

See what Joe has to say, and watch how he can now feed out tight windrows, where the cattle can feed equally without trampling the hay, damaging it or causing waste. 


Joe loves that he can get anyone to feed out with the Hustler bale processor as it’s so simple and easy to use. With just a few instructions, they can back into a bale, pick it up and off they can go within minutes they feeding out in the pasture.¬†


“He brought one down here,¬†and we have

loved it ever since”


What Joe loves about his new Hustler Chainless X5000 Bale feeder is that it is low maintenance. Not being the best mechanic in the world, having good equipment is a priority for his farming operation. Making it easy to feed out and not labour intensive. 

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