Can You Afford Down Time During Your Peak Season?

Published 27th March 2018
New Zealand

What would happen if one of your staff members fell off a wagon during your busy calving season? 

Its well known, that calving season is the busiest time for a farmer, where he just can’t have anything go wrong, like being down a staff member due to health and safety on the job. So what is your contingency plan if a staff member fell off a wagon while spreading Causmag for your calves? If you’re considering updating your Silage wagon for the oncoming season, now is the time you should be considering how you’ll be applying Causmag during calving. 

Climbing onto the wagon to spread the Causmag, as shown in this demonstration video your staff are vulnerable to injuring themselves and which can cause chaos during your busy calving period. It can also be difficult to ensure each cow is receiving the correct dosage


The Challenges:

  1. Are your Dairy cows receiving the enough Causmag?
  2. How much is being wasted?
  3. Are you exposing yourself to health and safety risks?
  4. If using a broadcast spreader for dusting Causmag on pasture, you will need to double the requirement to allow for field losses!

As you know, insufficient calcium in Livestock can cause various animal health problems such as Milk Fever and Tetany. Magnesium plays an important role in milk fever prevention (calcium deficiency). 

Magnesium is required for the production of hormones that are important for the absorption of calcium from the gut and the mobilisation of Calcium from bones. In recent years, the requirement of magnesium in dairy cows has increased, partly due to increased use of nitrogen and potassium fertilisers and partly due to the increase in cow genetic metric. All cows are to some extent deficient in Magnesium in late pregnancy and early lactation. High producing cows are more deficient.

With knowing your challenges, what if you could reduce the time it takes to feed out and have less staff health and safety risks while your livestock receives the correct dosage reducing animal health problems?

The Solution:

Mark Muller a Taranaki based Dairy Farmer, added the patented Comby Spread Causmag applicator to his new Silage Wagon for this exact reason. The SF1500 Wagon is designed for farmers who rely solely on silage as the supplementary feed of choice. Hustler’s Silage Wagons are built for large farmers who simply cannot afford downtime and want to get the most production from their silage.


Mark taking delivery of his New SF1500 Side Feed Silage Wagon, with Comby spread, delivered by Carl Frandsen of Norwood Stratford an Accredited Hustler dealer


Planning Ahead

By planning ahead and adding the optional Comby Spread at time of purchasing the wagon allowed him to negotiate the complete package receiving savings and ensuring the unit is factory fitted to spec. It also enables him to take his safety, feed and labour savings to another level…

The patented Comby Spread attachment can be fitted to any Bale Feeder, Silage Wagon or Comby Wagon and has been designed especially for spreading causmag, lime flour or minerals directly onto the row of feed. Mixing the correct quantities directly onto the row of feed. This invention eliminates the need for a separate spreading operation out in the field. Reducing the risk to your staff climbing up onto the wagon in our to spread grain or causmag. 

Watch the Comby Spread fitted to a Chainless X5000 applying magnesium directly onto the windrow of hay.


  1. This unit controls the special auger which delivers a measured amount of causmag onto the row with the assistance of a high-velocity blower to ensure an even dusting.
  2. This convenient spreader mounts easily on the side of any feed out the machine and can be operated from the tractor seat using 12 volts off/on the control unit.
  3. Eliminates the need for a separate trip to the field, and additional equipment for the spreading operation. This saves you time, equipment and fuel.