A successful Organic dairy changes the way they feed

Published 16th March 2018
New Zealand United States

With agriculture being the foundation of New Zealand’s economy and dairy being our strongest pillar. As the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, we rely on farmers, technology and expert knowledge to lead the way.

That’s why we at Hustler are so passionate about innovation in our machinery, taking new ideas and develop them into world class solutions.

What the Experts have to say…

Dr Hamilton, Dairy Specialist at the University of Missouri, Played an important part in the World Dairy Expo, held in Madison last year, focusing on increasing the utilization of grass in cattle feeding.

Weather its strip grazing grass, or shifting from Hay rings, to a narrow windrow in a different spot every day to reduce hay wastage, pasture damage, and improve animal health, Hustler Cattle feeding is a tool that plays a role in a whole grazing system. 

Traditional Dairy Farming…

Grass Dairy combined with Uplands Cheese certainly know how to add value to traditional dairy. Not only meeting the trending demand on organic, sustainable non-factory farmed produce. But also sustaining achievable and best return from every gallon of milk.

Uplands Cheese, being a successful Organic dairy hosted a tour of leading Grass fed enthusiasts to showcase exactly how he achieves this by utilizing our Chainless X5000.

Watch the X5000 in action



What Uplands Cheese Say

Scott Merieka, from Uplands Cheese, feeds out approximately 1500 bales a year with his Chainless X5000, offering his cows all a chance to eat nutritious feed. This has directly influenced the increase of cows in his dairy from 150 to 230, raising fewer replacements and having a better performance from his fresh cows. Scott has experienced a 0% postpartum mortality rate for the first time this season and says its 100% because of the way they changed their feeding and fine-tuning having no waste with his Hustler Chainless X5000.


 “Fantastic investment, in 2 years it has paid for itself”


See what else Scott Merieka, has it say from Uplands cheese in Wisconsin.

 Video interview of Scott:




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