“We Found it an Awesome Machine!”

Published 9th March 2018
New Zealand

Why are so many farmers switching to Hustler for their boom sprayers? Take a look at what John Drent has to say about his Katipo 1150 sprayer…  

Hustler’s Katipo sprayers are fast becoming a Kiwi innovation icon on livestock farms all over the country. Thanks to the reliability and ease of use that farmers really appreciate. All our sprayers are custom built, in our Hawkes Bay factory to your exact specification, this allows us to control the quality of the finished product. Matching a sprayer to your needs is now even easier with our new online configurator which lets you design your ultimate sprayer.


“We found it an awesome machine,

we love the reliability of it”


John called in to a recent field demonstration day run by authorised master dealer, GAZ Cambridge to tell us how much he loves his Hustler sprayer. 


Watch the Kaitpo in aciton