Lone Star Farms Loving their SF1250 Silage Wagon

Published 26th July 2017
New Zealand

Lone Star Farms is a sheep and beef cattle farming enterprise consisting of six properties. We visited one of their properties in the Hakataramea Valley to see how their Robertson SF1250 Silage Wagon was performing. 

Lone Star Farms runs an average of around 100,000 stock units throughout the year, primarily sheep and some cattle with its head office in Nelson, one North Island property and five in the South Island. Sheep breeding and prime lamb production make up a large proportion of their business.

We caught up with Hamish Andreassend, on their 6,000 hectare Haka Valley Farm to see how the 12.5 cubic metre SF1250 side feed silage wagon was hacking the pace feeding up to 4 loads everyday. 

Take a look at the video in the beautiful snow-capped Hakataramea Valley

In May 2016 Hustler Equipment acquired Robertson Manufacturing from Don Robertson who founded the business in Hinds, in 1977. The Silage wagon range is now manufactured under the Hustler banner and maintains the same unique features and is available in 12.5 Р20 cubic metre capacities, in both Side Feed or Centre Feed models and a range of options to suit your exact feeding needs. 

High Clearance Single Piece Body

Of specific note with the Hustler silage wagons is the unique single piece structure of the body and chassis design which provides a number of valuable benefits: 

  1. Huge ground clearance for better manoeuvrability in rough terrain or difficult gateways
  2. Higher strength to weight ratio for a longer working life and less downtime
  3. Less fatigue from twisting between body and chassis


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