32 Chainless X5000 bale feeder WINNERS Announced!

Thank you to all who registered their interest to go into the draw to win one of these awesome little scale model balefeeders! 

And congratulations to the 32 winners, who will each receive one of these models FREE! 

Watch some of our 32 winners being picked




1)   Andrew Wright, Southland, NZ

2)   Emily Healy, Western Australia

3)   Marc Harris, NSW, Australia

4)   Henry Williams, Hawke’s Bay, NZ

5)   Miles Wise, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

6)   Roger Magon, Waikato, NZ

7)   Matthew Wells, Tasmania, Australia

8)   Clinton Oliver, Waikato, NZ

9)   Brian Yates, Witchcliffe South West, Australia

10)   Alan Batkin, Auckland, NZ

11)   Brett Carter, Pukekohe, NZ

12)   Vanda Robinson, Inglewood, NZ

13)   Cody Sawley, Alberta, Canada

14)   Hamish Thompson, North Otago, NZ

15)   Robert Bridgeman, Taranaki, NZ

16)   Nelson Charteris, Hawkes Bay, NZ

17)   Oliver Percy, Canterbury, NZ

18)   Paul Sorensen, Northland, NZ

19)   Andy Wright, Canterbury, NZ

20)   Brent Lieurance, AZ, United States

21)   Carl Hinton, Taranaki, NZ

22)   Arthur Van Boven, Trafalgar, VIC, Australia

23)   Tony Simpson, Canterbury, NZ

24)   Michael Stuart, Forsinard, Sutherland, United Kingdom

25)   Ricky Everitt, Northland, NZ

26)   Daniel Pearson, River Falls, WI, United States

27)   Graham King, Otago, NZ

28)   Tony Lucas, Cowra, NSW, Australia

29)   Wesley Jones, West Coast, NZ

30)   Jonathan Klenner, Waikato, NZ

31)   Grant Hubbard, Nelson, NZ

32)   Rebecca Klippel, Corryong, Australia


If it wasn’t your lucky day and your name isn’t on the list above, here’s your chance to pre-order one at a special introductory price, and save yourself 28%!