One Man Operation Runs Hustler Bale feeder for 20,000 Bales

Published 28th June 2017

Steve Synclair, a dairy farmer feeding 400 cattle, runs a one man operation in Stony Creek, South Gippsland. Watch this video to see how he does it, and why he didn’t hesitate to upgrade to the Chainless X5000 after feeding more than 20,000 bales with his Chainless 4000 bale feeder.

Steve runs the 4 generation family farm spanning over 100 years, milking 280 cows. To enable smooth sailing of his operation he calves 80 in the autumn and 200 in the spring plus replacements, he runs a total of 400 cattle. Feeding requires between 1200-1500 bales to be made each year, which is fed out through summer, autumn and winter depending on the season and can be as much as 15 bales fed per day.

One Man Operation

Due to the demands of a one person operation, Steve made the decision to run nothing but the best gear, and plenty of it to enable it to be run smoothly without needing to employ staff. His equipment line up consists of numerous tractors, a slurry tanker, off-set discs, balers, rakes, a mower, wrapper and a lot more including a Hustler boom sprayer the Katipo 1150 with 12 metre boom and the latest Chainless X5000 bale feeder which has already done 2000 bales. Steve purchases his equipment through local Accredited Hustler Dealer, Gendore Tractors & Machinery in Leongatha.


“This is twice as strong or more! It’s just built

to do big bales, it’s designed for that kind of

weight we’re throwing into them nowadays


Steve very rarely needs to feed out square bales but chose the Chainless design for the table design, which makes it easier to remove the netwrap when loading chopped bales, because there’s no teeth for the net to snag on. Recently he had a fire in his baler so has ended up with some chopped bales and some unchopped and has found the new Chainless X5000 bale processor to be very easy to use with all his bales including his 800kg bales that have been baled quite green and have ended up quite wet. 

Watch the video to see what says about the Chainless X5000 bale feeder:




Steve’s Boom Sprayer

Steve also purchased a Katipo 1150 boom sprayer some 18 months ago and has cover around 1000 acres so far with it. He loves the strength of the design and the ease of use, and fact that it has enabled him to cover more area in a day!

“I’d buy one of these straight away,

I wouldn’t hesitate”

Watch the video to see what says about his sprayer:



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