New SL360X Makes Feeding Bales a Pleasure for Farmers Wife

Published 30th March 2017

Having recently replaced an alternative feeder with the new SL360X mounted to a Schaeff loader has made it possible for this farmer’s wife to feed the cows, it’s that easy!

Running a very tidy indoor operation of 70 cows, feeding round bale silage, and round baled hay, this farmer was in need of a simple, reliable machine that was easy enough for his wife to use, having been put off with the hassle of his previous feeder, a self-propelled bale unroller, for a long time. They’re feeding 2 round silage bales everyday and 2 round hay bales each week.


“With the old machine, the work was too hard.

With the new balefeeder my wife can feed the cows”


Supplied by Hustler’s German based accredited dealer Walker-Technik, the features that made the difference for this farmer were the self-loading system, and the Snaplox hands-free connection system


Because he is feeding out everyday, the unique design of the self-loading system on the Hustler SL360X bale feeder enables him to use his Schaeff loader for general bale handling duties on the farm, when not feeding out, without the need to change the attachment. This saves him his valuable time and the dirty task of swapping attachments every day.


Because he wanted his wife to help feed the cows, and it needed to fit on his Schaeff loader, he needed a simple to operate machine, and the patented Snaplox coupling system made this possible. She doesn’t need to tug on a rope, whilst juggling the crowd angle, and forward/reverser to disconnect the cradle from the spears, which saves headache.