Updates Released for 2017 model SL700X Trailed Bale Feeders

Published 22nd March 2017
Australia New Zealand

Each year we review customer feedback on our products and make any necessary updates ahead of the feeding season. This year the SL700X bale feeder gets some tweaks… 

Having had a long wet baling season with fewer than normal windows for ideal baling conditions, we’ve added 2 new features to better handle the wetter bales we’re likely to be experiencing during the 2017 feeding season. 

Drive Shaft Covers:  

We’ve introduced protective covers for the driveshafts after conducting many tests over a number of years on the widest variety of bales, to eliminate any chance of feed from wrapping around the drive shafts.

For customers who already own a SL700X bale feeder, these new covers are retro-fittable should they experience material build up on the shafts from wetter bales.

2017-03-23 09.08.08-017458-edited.jpg


Extra tyne provision

We’ve added provision on the loading system to add an additional tyne to help with transporting and loading of soggy bales.

The new model is already in production and available for immediate delivery, if you’re in the market for a simple trailed round bale feeder, you won’t find a better machine than the SL700X.

Below is a 2017 model SL700X containerised, ready for dispatch to Australia. 

2017-03-23 09.06.54.jpg