How does your farm compare to the national averages?

Published 10th March 2017
Pasture and Soil Feeding

Congratulations to North Canterbury farmers for claiming the top region for the highest average milksolids per cow (416 kg) for the 2015/16 season. Take a look at these interesting facts on milk production in your region and see how you compare both nationally and regionally. 

Up in the North Island, Taranaki won, with the highest average milksolids per cow (369 kg), just sneaking ahead of Central Plateau by an average of just 1kg per cow! 

Milk Solids/Effective Hectare

Once again from 2015/16 statistics average production per effective hectare was higher in the South Island with North Canterbury taking the lead for the highest average milksolids per hectare (1,447 kg), with the mighty Waikato taking the lead for the North Island at 1,071 kgMS/Ha, just pipping the national average by 8kg MS/Ha. 

So how does your farm compare?

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And here’s the breakdown of average milkfat and protein per cow by region. 


The most popular bale feeder in the North Canterbury region is the Chainless X5000, because not only is it very simple to operate, and farm sizes are typically bigger, but the X Series Chainless feeders tease bales apart rather than just unrolling them, this makes the feed row more palatable for your cattle, maximising the nutritional value of every blade of grass you put into a bale.