Comby Feedout Wagons Provide More Control & Simple Operation

Published 5th March 2017
Combi CM/CX/RX

Designed for even the least experienced operators, Hustler’s Comby Feeders provide simple operation and even more control over feeding. Watch this video to see how to run a Comby.

More Control:

  • Thick or thin feed rows – One machine. You choose.
  • Feed close to the machine, or further away for more tractor clearance when feeding into troughs or bunks – One machine. You choose.
  • Feed bales tight or loose, round or square, silage long or short, beet, grain – One machine. You choose.

Easy to operate:

The Comby feeders only require 2x sets of hydraulics, one is set on continuous flow, and the other is for you to choose the placement of feed, via the side elevator.

Control of feeding out is ultra simple, via an electric joystick in the cab and unlike any other feedout wagon if the operator wants, he can reverse the main floors to save feed. 

Watch the controls of this Comby feeder – with optional Grain attachment:


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