Kamloops Rancher Shows the Difference in Hay Quality with his Hustler

Published 27th January 2017

When the time came for a Kamloops based Rancher, who feeds out 300 Alfalfa bales, to replace his worn out bale processor, which was self-destructing due to all the vibrations and fatigue, he turned to Hustler. Take a look at the difference in hay quality of his Alfalfa bales once processed with his Hustler…

This is photo shows Alfalfa hay picked up from the windrow of the Hustler feeder, with the highly nutritious leaf still attached to the stems. Watch the video below to see more!
Lee Devenish - 20161121_135150.jpg

Brad also comments on a number of differences which have proved very beneficial to his operation: 

  1. Tractor was only idling to feed out his bales – no more vibrations and fatiguing of the machine, no worn parts
  2. No Green dust – all the nutritional Alfalfa leaf is retained and consumed by the cattle, and not grinded into dust and blown away in the wind
  3. The animals are getting the full goodness of the feed – consuming both the stalks and the leaf, without sorting, this makes it safer for feeding his cattle the high protein bales
  4. Huge reduction of fuel and power consumption compared to his old bale processor
  5. No more dust in the air vents of his tractor, saving him from needing to constantly clean the air vents on his tractor
  6. The machine is no longer self-destructing

With his old machine, the fines off the leaf could be seen wasted in the snow and ice and the cattle would try licking the ice to get the fines. The goodness was left to waste in the snow. Whereas now with the Hustler feeder this goodness is preserved and the cattle can easily consume to it.

He also mentioned the benefits for smaller ranchers in BC that currently don’t have a tractor large enough to power a traditional bale processor.  

Shown here is Brad’s new Chainless X5000 – A 2 bale capacity, self-loading feeder.

Lee Devenish - 20161121_134027.jpg

Watch Brad explain the differences in hay quality


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