Farmer Rapt with his Chainless X5000 and New Katipo Sprayer

Published 9th November 2016
New Zealand

Having proved how good his Chainless X5000 was over the last 2 winters, when it came time for Brent Growcott of Georgetown, North Otago to purchase a new sprayer, the choice was easy!  Watch the video to see why…

Brent has had an excellent run with his Chainless X5000, and “we just couldn’t fault the Hustler gear, when looking for a sprayer, it was a no-brainer to go with Hustler”. Brent took advantage of Hustler’s Katipo Sprayer custom building flexibility and Territory Manager, Nigel Holt designed it to match Brent’s exact  needs using Hustler’s new online sprayer configurator. Brent went for the Katipo 890 boom sprayer with an 8 metre DuraBoom for pasture spraying and added a hose reel for gorse and spot spraying duties. 


“I couldn’t say enough about Hustler

and the way they’ve looked after me

and you get a great product from them”



Take a look at this video to see what he has to say:



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