Customers in Nebraska are enjoying the Hustler Chainless X5000

Published 16th September 2016
United States

The top of the range trailed Chainless balefeeder, self-loading, suitable for feeding out any bale, round or square, and it maximises feed use. The Chainless X5000 carries 2 bales at a time and is designed for medium to large operations feeding out 800-5000 bales each year.

Watch Chainless X5000 in action, our customers in Nebraska are indeed enjoying the maximum benefits the Chainless X5000 is giving them. 

Here’s the first video from our customer Jene Kasperbauer.



Look how smooth bale feeding is, the Chainless X5000 unroll round bales very easily. This video is also from one of our customers, George Kicken.

The Chainless X5000 is a lot smoother with how it rotates the bale; this equipment is truly well-thought out and indeed very well built.

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