Hustler field tests even the smallest product before release.

Published 8th September 2016
New Zealand

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Hustler’s new SwiftHitch, available in 2 models. You’d be forgiven for assuming that there’s not a lot to innovate or test on a trailer quick hitch, however we begged to differ! We visited a number of farmers across the country, who were using a quick hitch, got insights into their experience, analysed them in operation, then took the best of the original Robertson design, applied a bit of Hustler’s trademark rethinking to it, chucked prototypes out in the field for some real-world testing and feedback… then countless revisions later, re-engineering, further testing and here we have it. 


Hustler’s New SwiftHitch provides the operator with more

visibility, more manoeuvrability and easier connecting

than any towbar quick hitch on the market



And it doesn’t stop there… it also has the strongest latching system providing more safety and you’ll never need to get the grinder and welder out to replace a wear pad again!

We caught up with Matt Fryer, a local contractor who contract feeds on a beef farm in the winter when the contracting operation is not so busy, to get his feedback on the design. 

Watch the video to see what he has to say:


To celebrate the launch of SwiftHitch, we offering an introductory deal on the Standard model of just $987+GST! Normally $1,175+GST.

So be swift and grab the best hitch on the market, at the best deal in the market.

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