Why We Chose A Polyethylene Floor.

Published 1st September 2016
New Zealand

Why would we go to the extra expense and effort to make the floor and platform of the World’s Most Innovative Livestock Feeder from Polyethylene, when there’s the choice of Stainless-steel, Zintec, or just simple mild steel to choose from? Take a look at these insights to see why…

When pioneering the World’s first Chainless bale feeding system in the mid 1990’s we went through the painstaking trials to see which material would be the ultimate in all conditions, and for all feed types firstly starting with the basics, these trials took an interesting curve on the original concept, and this is what we discovered:

  1. When moving Silage bales across a surface Poly has 30% less drag than painted or zinc plated steel, and even up to 35% less than stainless steel!
  2. Poly is more impact resistant than steel or stainless steel, taking the knocks without leaving dents.
  3. Poly does not corrode with acidic silage juices like the other materials did. And although the zinc plated steel and painted steel options performed well in the first season, once the machine had done just 50-100 bales the coating had worn off and the material started to corrode.
  4. Poly handles extreme climate conditions the best, be it the coldest of winters to the most extreme UV rays of summer.
  5. Being able to customize the surface with ribs helps bales track straight making the feeder easier to use, to duplicate this in the other materials is cost prohibitive.


 The bottom-line is, when buying a new bale feeder be sure to check that it uses a polyethylene platform


So by going for a polyethylene platform Hustler feeders last longer in every condition, and they’re easier to use, because hay won’t get jammed and hydraulic motors don’t run out of power to keep the bale turning and feeding out. 

Shown here in the mid 1990’s trialling the platform/floor surfaces with square hay bales


We came across a very old Chainless 2000 that had a Stainless platform on it so we’ve decided to share this old girl… and yes this farmer traded it on the latest model Hustler with a Polyethylene platform.