Published 19th February 2016
New Zealand

The balefeeder that changes everything.

Heralding a new machine as a game changer in an industry populated with the world’s most resourceful and innovative farmers is a big call indeed.

But that’s exactly what Hustler has done with the launch of the SL360X three-point linkage balefeeder, a machine so radically different that ‘balefeeder’ no longer seems the best word to describe it.

We’re not just talking small steps along the path of mechanical evolution here.  We’re talking globally patented innovation and a further five never-seen-before innovations and a host of less obvious improvements that have turned small balefeeder design on its head.


  1. The most versatile three-point linkage feeder, ever.

    Until now, a 3-point linkage balefeeder was limited to feeding baleage. With the addition of an extra fence to contain feed, the SL360X is a general purpose feeder capable of handling up to two cubic metres of most feeds – including pit silage, maize silage, loose silage, fodder beet and grass.

  2.  Hands-free Operation.

    An all new Auto Connect and Release Hands-free Loading System with Snaplox enables automatic connection and disconnection with the SL360X, first time, every time. A dual latching system provides a stronger connection with the feeder and eliminates load stress on the tines.

  3.  Compatibility with more equipment.

    A redesigned head stock opens up more feeding options by allowing the SL360X to be mounted on front-end loaders and telehandlers. As well as the obvious benefit of facing forward when feeding, this added versatility allows you to feed into previously inaccessible places, including mixers and troughs, and over fences.

  4. Sideshift for precision feeding.

    A sideshift option built into the new headstock frame means the SL360X can be offset 180mm left or right. This enables more accurate feeding, particularly indoors where feed can be delivered closer to the head bail to make it more accessible to animals.

  5. Thermoform enclosed drive shafts.

    A new thermoformed floor design extends higher in the feed platform to contain more feed and wraps around the drive shafts to prevent fouling and build up of hay. Downtime for clearing feed that has twisted around the shafts is now a thing of the past.

  6.  Bale spears for easier loading.

    The addition of bale spears with forged points enables easy penetration and pick up of bales and eliminates feed contamination from bales being pushed along the ground by the blunt, solid round bars of older style feeders.

    An in addition it’s rated to carry 1.25 tonne bales, the new SL360X is 8% heavier and 30% stronger than previous Hustler models. Other design improvements, including bearing covers, motor protection on the head stock unit, a protected drive system, and self aligning bearings (instead of bushes) for less greasing and maintenance make this a game-changing machine in every sense.