3 Reasons Ranchers are Trading their Bale Processor

Published 19th February 2016

Leading ranchers are discovering many benefits from trading their high maintenance bale processor for a Hustler bale feeding system!  


1. Hay remains intact, and is not destroyed. 

The bale feeder simple teases apart the bale into a tidy windrow without chopping or grinding the bale. This provides some key benefits that great ranchers really appreciate:

  •  Cattle no longer need to sift through the stalks to find the grain from the bale and the grain is not smashed into fines that are easily lost into soil
  • The leaves of the bale where a large proportion of the nutritional goodness is found, are not smashed to powder and blown away as dust. The bale feeder preserves the leaf so your cattle can eat it.
  • Any mould in a bale is seperated from the hay without mixing it, allowing cattle to eat fresh, clean hay.


2. Increased versatility

Whatever bale you have available you can be rest assured that Hustler’s Chainless bale feeding system will feed it out. Leading ranchers are particularly impressed with the fact that this bale feeder feeds out:

  • Round bales of all sizes including 5 ft wide, 6 ft diameter
  • Square bales of all sizes up to 8 ft long
  • Wrapped high moisture balage (baled silage) bales
  • Hay & straw bales of all forage types – proven with more than 110 different forage types
  • Frozen bales that have been stored outside over winter

3. Simplicity 

Leading ranchers demand reliability a key reason ranchers love the simplicity of the Hustler feeding system. Finally a feeding system is engineered for the coldest of winter environments saving you downtime because of:

  • No wearing parts to maintain or vibrate loose and hurt your cattle
  • Simple hydraulically driven design, with no PTO shaft and very few moving parts to keep adjusted, greased, and maintained.
  • Low speed rotors that all the tractor to be operated at not much more than an idle, teasing bales apart instead of chopping.
  • Virtually no dust to clog air filters on your tractor, stick to your grease points or get in the eyes of your cattle 
  • Ultra low power requirement allows the bale feeding system to be operated with small tractor and even you pickup should it have a hydraulic supply

The list goes on!

There are many other benefits that leading ranchers are discovering after owning a Hustler bale feeder a few months. Want to learn more…