Feeding high moisture baled silage?

Published 12th February 2016
New Zealand

The all new Chainless X5000 is designed to feed out every bale you have on hand, even the wettest of high moisture, fine chopped, baled silage, where previously a Chainless bale feeder may have struggled. 

The new design has a deeper bale chamber and a new patented helical lower drum which makes feeding these types of bales a walk in the park. Even badly mis-shapen bales present no challenge for the new Chainless X5000. 

Available for 2016 is the base spec model which has all the feeding benefits of the X5000, uses the smaller 10/75-15.3 wheels sets and comes without mudguards and stringbox making it a very affordable option for those wanting the worlds best balefeeder on a tighter capital budget. 

We suggest finding your most challenging bales and booking a no-obligation demonstration to find out how effortlessly the X5000 will feed them out.



Shown here in the premium spec the Chainless X5000 teams up with a Case Puma to feed high moisture wrapped bales. Tuaropaki Station, New Zealand.