Competition winners choose a Katipo

Published 21st August 2015
New Zealand

Congratulations goes out to Melissa Dyer who won the #ilovemyhustler competition and chose a Katipo sprayer as the winning product!

Melissa had only just purchased her Chainless 4000 a Special Edition with custom blue paint job the month of the competition. The day the winner was to be announced her morning was cut-out with a stubborn calf that needed a hand being brought into the world, so how surprised she was when her partner called to say she’d won the competition!

Melissa mentions that the prize has come at a very needed time, with the dairy prices under pressure and their first year of 50-50 share milking the Katipo will allow them to do their own spraying and save some contractors fees.

Here’s a video of the Melissa, Ben, Jonathan Bruce of Gordon Handy Machinery the nearest dealer who participated in the competition and Nigel Holt Hustler’s Field Consultant delivering the Kaitpo.

Congratulations Melissa. Give her a round of applause!


Posted by Melissa Dyer on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Your Feeding out equipment is like a husband or wife, you love them in good times and bad! You don’t give up on them because they help put food on the table too. Hustler makes our farming life easier with the quick loading system. We can count on our chain less 4000 hustler everyday. #ilovemyhustler