Exporting For More Than 45 Years

Published 8th May 2015
New Zealand

Hustler’s first exports began in late 1960’s when Hustler was manufacturing sprayers for Winstone and exporting them to Hawaii, Bermuda and Australia. Hustler went on to start actively distributing its tractor mounted forklifts directly to dealers throughout Australia in 1985.


More recent accomplishments include;

  • 2009 – Accredited dealers established to service the markets in both Ireland and the UK
  • 2011 – Distributor established France to supply and service the French market and other European countries
  • 2011 – Saw the establishment of 6 accredited dealers throughout Chile, South America
  • 2013 – Accredited Dealers established in Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2013 – Following on from 8 years of exporting to North America, Hustler arrived in North America with its own office based in Pennsylvania with dedicated Field Consultants to better serve the North America market
  • 2014 – Distributor established in Spain to supply and service the market in Spain
  • 2014 – Following on from the successes in North America another office was required and an establishment was set up based in Texas, along with improved in market support and Field Consultants
  • 2015 – After a successful 8 years for using a distributor in Australia the time had come to establish Hustler own office in Australia to better serve both end users and Hustler’s accredited dealers. This allowed Hustler to provide access to the full range and improved product support.
  • 2015 – An accredited dealer network established in Germany
  • 2015 –Another major milestone for Hustler equipment on the export front, with the establishment of office in Zurich to better service and develop the European markets.