CXR Softhands – Press Release

Published 19th February 2014
New Zealand

Rethinking the Everyday by listening to farmers and contractors needs and studying the use of their equipment is key to the development of Hustler’s latest bale grab, the CXR Softhands®, a low-cost model for farmers.

The CXR has a fixed hand, designed specifically for handling round bales, although the unique shape also allows 4’ squares to be handled with ease.

“Going for a lower cost fixed-hand meant there would be some limitations” so Hustlers research and development team spent a considerable amount of time with operators in search for the ultimate shape. “The research paid off, highlighting 4 key areas that could be sorted on a conventional fixed hand design. By tweaking the shape of the CXR’s hands allowed it to outperform in every situation”

1. Less bale damage to bale shape, wrap and adjacent bales

2. Easier to use, when loading and stacking

3. More versatility to handle bales any position

4. Tough enough to handle New Zealand farming conditions

Farmers involved in the rigorous testing of the CXR are raving! The slim hands make stacking easier, the compact design offers unbeatable visibility, and the new patented technology with details to be released in December is a major leap in bale handling equipment.

The CXR with Hustler’s 2 year warranty retails for $3100 +gst fully assembled and ready to go with Euro hitch brackets and free freight nationwide. There’s an optional equaliser bar available to keep the hands moving simultaneously for added safety and precise bale control.

Hustler Equipment has the widest range of bale handlers in New Zealand including the Mega – contractor bale handler, the Compact – farmers bale handler both with the unique 3 position adjustable hands, the System 10 Multi-tool and the new CXR – low-cost fixed hand farmers bale handler.

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