Canterbury farm takes delivery of 3 Chainless 4000’s

Published 31st October 2013
New Zealand

Roadley Farms manages a total of 900 Ha including run offs milking a total number of 2100 cows. They have 15 full time staff + some contract staff when the pressure comes on! In the past they use to feed a lot of pit Silage on a feed pad + some meal in the shed. They also grow Kale, Fodder beat & Swedes and what bales they did have were put into ring feeders on the crop or put through a silage wagon. Chris says that with smaller surpluses of grass becoming available on the farm it is a lot easier to make their own baleage. “All cows get it at once using a balefeeder” says Chris.

Having the right machine for the job is a lot safer too. OSH requirements now days are worth being weary of. We have fed bales of trailers in the past as well but with the recent purchase of these Hustler’s – it makes it a one man operation in a safe environment.

What helped your decision on what brand of feeder Chris was asked?

“We did a reasonable amount of research,” he says. “It came down to 3 brands, two of which were made in the South Island, however the Hustler Chainless system had some good advantages. I liked the Rotor system – only 2 chains which are enclosed and well protected, no feed bars & minimal moving parts. The feeder has good indication stickers which makes ease of use a breeze. The ribbing on the polyethylene platform is an excellent idea – helps the bale to track straight & provides help to remove strings from square bales too. The optional String box is an excellent idea and keeps a lot of rubbish etc out of the tractor. Each machine will be feeding 5-600 bales a year, predominately round baleage + straw. Occasionally squares maybe used as well so it’s good to have one machine that will do both. Having a 2 year warranty was a good extra perk.”