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5 de Wet street, Alexandria, South Africa

About Pro Tractor Services Pty Ltd

Pro Tractor Services makes use of fully qualified and experienced mechanics and workers maintaining & attending to the machinery and equipment.

5 de Wet street, Alexandria, South Africa

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Product range

Bale Feeders

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeders, processor or unroller. Because...

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Feedout wagons

Proven in the field & around the world, Hustler’s Combi feedout wagons are designed for...

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What our customers are saying

“The machine is not like a processor where you’re losing all the leaves off it, the leaves are coming off with the stems, and the cattle don’t have to lick them off the ground”

Mulvey Gulch Ranch (USA) - Super Comby EX/CM136

“I can throw anything into this box and it’s going to come out and be fed the way I want it to, in a nice line down the field where the cattle aren’t stomping every bit of it into the mud”

Kent Smith, Missouri (United States) - Combi RX148
James Coy

“There’s much less loss because of the lack of destruction to the ground and the lack of waste for the hay”

James Coy, Kirksville, Kentucky (USA) - LX105 Unrolla
Hustler Bale Feeder SL 360x

“I was fretting overseeing too much waste and you can’t see it anymore”

Justin & Lauren Hansen, Malakoff, Texas (United States), Unrolla LX105 & Chainless SX105

“Maintenance-free is an efficiency that we’re always looking for and Hustler seems to be able to provide that. It looks like it will have a fairly long life.”

Clay Chattaway, Alberta (Canada) - Chainless X5000/TX205
Boyd Houghton

“I believe that Hustler’s got the best gear out, for dairy farmers, sheep farmers, cattle farmers, to do this bulk feeding. They require a good machine to actually do the hard work,”

Boyd Houghton, Tirau (New Zealand) - EzFeed SM110
richard hubber

“I liked the feature of being able to feed out both sides in the barn”

Richard Hubber, Otago (New Zealand) - Ezfeed SM130

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Feed Grass For Good

Our belief in sustainable farming practices, in particular natural pasture grass-feeding, underpins our range of world-leading livestock feeding solutions.

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