You deserve a quicker and easier way. We eliminate the hassle and save you time when feeding out bales to cattle and other livestock housed indoors.

Make your bale feeding:

  • Quick – Unroll a bale in 2 minutes
  • Easy – Unroll bales with the pull of a lever – no back-breaking pitch forking, or grappling with a loader required
  • Efficient – By feeding the optimal amount each day, the feed is more palatable, livestock get equal access to feed and waste is eliminated. 

UNROLLA RANGE | Mounted bale feeders

The UNROLLA bale feeder range is a real all-rounder workhorse.

Compact and lightweight, they are simple to operate and can easily fit into low barns or narrow aisles, provided your tractor passes through.

Ideal for round bales, whether hay, straw or silage.

They are also capable of feeding out all types of bulk feed (silage, cereals, fodder beet, etc.) thanks to their fully enclosed floor (standard) and front and rear fence (optional) that prevent material loss.

Save time and save your back by feeding out your forage in just a few minutes! The integrated bale tines allows you to load your bale without having to use a secondary tractor.

Available in mounted (3-point linkage, front loader, telescopic), trailed and feedlot versions.

Banner Image Unrolla web 1060w
Banner Image Chainless web 1060w

CHAINLESS RANGE | Mounted bale feeders

The CHAINLESS bale feeder range is capable of handling both round and square bales.

With its innovative rotor system combined with a platform, the CHAINLESS bale feeders are aggressive enough to handle even the tightest of bales.

This range is particularly recommended for those who want to preserve the integrity of long fibre and delicate forages such as alfalfa. The crop is evenly fluffed up to make it more palatable to your livestock. This bale feeder will be your best ally in minimising rejects and thus saving up to 40% of your feed!

The integrated tines saves you time by allowing you to load your bale without having to use a secondary tractor.

Available in mounted (3-point linkage, front loader, telescopic), trailed and stationary versions.

COMBI RANGE | High-capacity feedout wagons

If you’re feeding a combination of bales, silage or any other supplementary feed, then a Combi wagon is the only feeder you’ll need.

The Combi Feeder range is able to feed all types, shapes and sizes bales including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and literally any type of feed you can lay your hands on.

The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture without spillage.

Available in 11m3 and 15m3.

Banner Image Combi web 1060w

What our customer say...

New bale feeder takes a lot of the workload out of feeding cattle

David George from County Armagh, in Northern Ireland, runs a calf to beef system, supplying beef factories year long with cattle that consume around 200 round bales of silage each year.

Time is precious. This Irish farmer discovers innovative time saver.

You cannot buy time. But it can be saved. Feeding bales in Ireland come with its own unique set of challenges. We meet Michael Lough to find out about his farm, and how he’s making better use of his time easing his workload…

No more feed limitations for this organic spring block calving operation

Caulston Farm, South Devon, decided to switch to a Hustler Combi wagon able to feed out anything from clamp silage, whole crop silage, bales, hay, straw to fodder beet. This doesn’t only mean a large variety of feed and nutrition available for the 600 dairy cows, but it also means there are no restrictions on what feed they have on hand.

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