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ShearPlus LX160

Smartly designed as a bale cutter, shear grab and scoop bucket all in one machine for added versatility!

GrabMax LM200

Tough, versatile silage grabs, with unique clamping radius making clean-up easier, helping you to get the max from your operation.

Baleslice LX190

A quick and easy way to split up your bales and remove the wrap of silage, hay and straw bales without leaving the tractor cab. 

ScoopMax LM180

A great asset to perform all duties you’d normally use a bucket for with the added benefit of being able to clamp your load.

LoadMax tip trailer

Tough tip trailer range, loaded with unique operator convenience features, a longer-lasting steel deck, folding headboard, reinforced 2-piece sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist-resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping. 

Combi CM feedout wagon

Versatile and no-nonsense chain rear floor feedout wagon, coming loaded with features – 43 years proof in the field is one of them. Whatever you feed out, Combi CM won’t let you down.

EzFeed silage wagon

With a slew of innovative features, the EzFeed silage wagons have the stats to make you hungry for more. Strength, reliability and simplicity combine to make these the best silage wagons money can buy.

Combi RX feedout wagon

The RX chainless rear floor multi-feeder wagon feeds everything without blocking up or breaking down – round or square bales, silage, maize, corn, root crops, food waste and more with ease.

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Business Development – Australia

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Global Business Development Manager

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Research & Development Manager


Some models not available in all territories, check with your local Hustler Field Consultant for availability in your country

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