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About Hustler Equipment
We are a world class company providing state-of-the-art farm equipment enabling livestock to thrive in healthier, timely feeding conditions delivering significant reductions in waste, enabling clients to bank greater profits.

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Get your copy of over 30,000 hours of research into comparing every system for feeding bales to cattle. Inside you’ll find the complete comparison of how each system performs on the 23 issues ranchers face.

Why does your feeding system matter?

Livestock feed represents the largest single cost – often up to 60 percent of the total operation spending. 

The average bred cow weighs about 1,200 pounds and typically consumes 2.5% of her body weight on short stem hay, or 30 pounds/day of hay. Over an 80-cow herd, that is 2,400 pounds of forage-fed daily or over 180 tons during a 5-month timeframe. At $55/ ton, you will spend about $9,900 over that period (prices can vary locally based on several different factors).

According to a study by Dr. David Lalman of Oklahoma State University, “… the cows eating long stem consumed 1.8% of their body weight in dry matter (DM) intake and retained the same body condition.” So imagine if you could feed out long-stem hay reliably with a bale processor, how much could you save?

If you want to increase your pasture production and herd health along with reducing your hay wastage, maybe now is the time to rethink your feeding methods.

What our customers say

“The animals are actually eating the hay and getting the maximum amount of nutrition”

David Karsin, Portage La Prairie (Canada) - Chainless LX105

“Everything we got from Hustler is well built and simple and we won’t have to replace it for a very long time”

Adam Atkinson, South Devon (United Kingdom) - Combi CM136

“They last for a long time so in that respect they’re saving us a lot of money because we’re not having to go and replace them all the time.”

John Vallance, Tangiteroria (New Zealand) - Softhands LX200
Hustler Mounted Boom Sprayer

“I definitely recommend this machine, it’s brilliant, easy-to-use, good price, well-constructed, durable and they’ll customise it to what you want.”

Brett Farrell, Parakao (New Zealand) - Applic8r LX1150 Sprayer

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